Top 5 Questions Asked by Advertisers

Top 5 Questions Asked by Advertisers

Getting started with Facebook Advertising? You just landed on the right page! Here’s the list of questions that we compiled together for the Top 5 Questions asked by Advertisers from all our past & existing clients & customers.

1. How Facebook Ads Charge?


A lot of people who are used to the traditional marketing method will tend to have the wrong idea whereas the payment needs to be done in advance before the ads start running. However, it does not work the same way as traditional advertising. Facebook is more towards the post-paid type. Paid as you run the ads if the ads didn’t deliver (showing impressions on the ad placements) there will be no payments needed until your ads are delivered. 

What Really Happens?

In the initial phase, you will get more frequent payment charges from Facebook starting from $5, $10,$40, $100 and so on. The payment limit will increase and get higher as you continue to run the ads. When you have a good payment history, your payment limit gets higher.

It works this way as Facebook will also want to check with your credibility whether you have a good payment history before allowing you to have a higher payment limit and this is also a countermeasure for people who advertised a lot on the first day and didn’t clear off the outstanding balance.

Interesting Fact
These situations do happen, in my time with the Facebook Support team before these countermeasures, it’s not a rare sight that some accounts have huge outstanding balances that weren’t cleared. Thus, the only way Facebook can do is restrict the particular advertiser from advertising on Facebook until the outstanding balance is cleared. So, it’s understandable that Facebook takes this as their countermeasure to avoid huge amounts of bad debts.


Of course, some advertisers will say it is possible to do Prepaid Payment whereas their account can choose to top up a certain amount of funds to the account before start advertising on Facebook. The prepaid amount is only eligible for Personal Accounts while business accounts do not have this feature available.


Does that mean personal accounts are better than business accounts?


Answer: Certainly NO! Business accounts will have more advanced targeting features that personal accounts do have access to. What features? Perhaps we will discuss in the near future in our next article.

2. How Do Facebook Ads target and Show Our Ads?


Different from the traditional media, Facebook obviously has more options when it comes to doing precise targeting on their huge user base. 

Facebook Ads targeting comprises on four main components;


  1. Demographics  Location, Age, Gender, job titles

  1. Interests  Interests are shown on Facebook, pages you like, the content you have shown interests in.

  1. Behaviors Online behaviors when using social media ranging from shopping to gaming to mobile devices that you used when browsing Facebook. 

  1. Tracking Pixel Only works when the pixel is installed on the website and the pixel will work to track all the website actions & behaviors taken on your website.


This basically summarized the targeting methods on Facebook when doing ads. Of course, there are more advanced techniques when it comes into details when really doing it but that’s another topic in the future.

3. Which Industry Suitable Using Facebook Ads?


Should I advertise my business on Facebook? Is my target audience on Facebook? With over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2020, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. This statistic basically meant that the majority of the people you meet in real life are most likely to have registered a Facebook account if not, they are also using assets that belong to Facebook such as Instagram, WhatsApp & Messenger. Except for some very niche B2B market, Facebook Ads are generally suitable to everyone. However, the effectiveness of the ads highly depends on your strategies and the approach you took to reach your target market.

There are always complaints that Facebook Advertising does not bring any results and cannot see the impact of it. Well, that entirely depends on whether the strategies and approaches were implemented accordingly and some results will need some time to build up. Well, as the saying goes, “Rome was not built in one day.” So it’s important to understand and analyze if your Facebook Ads are not working. Whether you are using the right campaign objectives, using the RIGHT targeting, the ad content and the social media marketing strategy you took.

4. Where are My Ads Shown? Why am I Not Seeing My Ads?

One of the typical questions that most advertisers will ask after launching their campaign. I am not seeing my ads, how do I know the ads are delivering as they should?

Unlike traditional advertising, Facebook advertising is not shown to everyone and if your ads are showing to everyone, you are probably doing it WRONG. With the billions of users on Facebook, you will never have sufficient budget to show the ads to everyone. The ads are supposed to be targeted through a precise target audience portfolio that fits your business.

Imagine, if you are spending RM 10 to reach 1000 users, how much would you need to spend to reach millions or even billions of users on Facebook? Therefore, ads being targeted is to ensure the campaign budget is optimized to spend on the most relevant audience. If you match your own target audience portfolio, then only you will have a possibility of seeing your own ads.

For example, if you are targeting interest A and yourself doesn’t show that interest on Facebook, then you will have a very low chance of seeing your own ads. Moreover, if you are seeing your own ads, this also means that you are PAYING Facebook to show ads to you and you would definitely want this to happen less often

5. What are the Different Types of Facebook Ad Formats?
There are different ad placements when you are doing Facebook advertising and they can show in different places in various formats. 

Starting from platforms there are basically 4 different platforms your ads can appear:

a) Facebook

b) Instagram
c) Messenger
d) Audience Network (Third-Party Apps & Sites)


Followed by 8 types of Ad Formats;

a)    Video Ads

b)   Story Ads

c) Image Ads

d)  Carousel Ads

e)   Message Ads
f)  Collection Ads

g)  In-Stream Video Ads

h) Playable Ads

Different Ad formats all have their own specific features and uses.  Making use of them accordingly will create a greater impact on your business for a more effective digital advertising strategy. It’s important to know how to utilize the ad placements accordingly to your digital marketing strategy to increase your exposure and eventually capture leads & sales for business growth. 

For more information on the ad dimensions and the size you can refer to this official guidelines by Facebook.

Here are the Top 5 questions we compiled together based on the questions that our workshop participants and clients often ask. Any other questions or concerns you would want to know more? Do leave us your questions and inquiries in the comment section below!

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