CANVA Workshop 
(Beg + Int + Adv) 
– 1 Day Hands-On

Canva is your go-to tool for impactful social media graphics! Its user-friendly interface and versatile features make crafting captivating content a breeze. Mastering Canva elevates your brand presence and slashes marketing costs, allowing high-quality DIY graphics. Learn to BOOST your social media graphics and leave a lasting brand impression. Join our Canva Graphic Design Workshops to seize control of your brand narrative and shine in the digital realm. Embrace Canva today!

Benefits / Outcome

Boost brand visibility & engagement

Master creating and editing Social Media graphics with Canva

Experienced & Skillful Trainers
- 1 Main Trainer
  - Additional 3 Co-Trainers
  (Who used to work in Facebook & Google Malaysia Support Team)

Lifetime Support / After Sales Service


  • The Power of Visual Design in Social Media with Canva
  • Navigating Canva’s User-Friendly Interface
  • Fundamental Principles of Social Media Graphics Design
  • Techniques for Crafting Engaging Social Media Posts
  • Exploring Canva’s Video Editing Capabilities
  • Why TikTok
  • TikTok Advertising Policies
  • Campaign Structure
  • Ads Content Best Practices
  • Different Types of Campaign Creation
  •  A/B Testing
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Advanced Targeting – Custom Audience (Segmentation)
  • Advanced Targeting – Lookalike Audience (Segmentation)
  • Advanced Targeting – Website Traffic Audience (Segmentation)
  • Assessment (To Ensure Participants Follow All of the Best Practices)
  • Q&A Session
  • Others
  • Enhancing Social Media Videos: Filters, Music, & Animated Elements
  • Tips for Efficient Social Media Design in Canva
  • Branding Elements & Maintaining Visual Consistency
  • Showcasing & Sharing on Different Platforms
  • Q&A Session for Addressing Design Challenges
Why Choose Us

Certified Canva, Facebook, Google & TikTok Partner

(HRDF & MDEC) Certified Programs – MDEC

Experience Trainers – Trainers who used to work in Facebook & Google Malaysia Support Team

Hands-on Training – Step by step guide on the campaign creation

Hands-on Training – Step by step guide on the campaign creation

HRDF Certified (TTT) Trainers


 (TikTok Professional Trainer)

1) Journey with Facebook Malaysia Support Team:

  • Joined as Facebook Campaign Specialist for Malaysia & Singapore markets.
  • Managed thousands account for SMEs & corporate accounts under Facebook STS & Facebook Go Program

2) Journey with Google Malaysia Support Team:

  • Joined Google as a Google AdWords Campaign Specialist
  • Managed New Campaign Specialist Team for New Markets such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Korea
  • Multiple Roles Including Product Specialist, a Speaker, a Trainer, a Consultant & a Team Leader
  • Awarded as the Best AdWords Campaign Specialist for SEA region

3) Qualification & Certification:

  • Facebook Blueprint & Google Ads Practitioner
  • HRDF Professional Trainer
  • Specializes in training sessions on visual creation using tools like Canva, ensuring participants produce effective and captivating marketing content
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