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Top 5 Facebook Ads Updates You Must Know Before 2024!

Meta has been rolling out several new updates and features across the Facebook and Instagram Advertising platform in the recent months. While not all of the updates are applicable to every advertiser yet, some of these updates are truly noteworthy and can have a significant impact on your advertising strategies in 2024!
Here are the Top 5 Facebook Ads Updates You Must Know Before 2024!

1) Flexible Ad Format

I am certain that some advertisers are beginning to notice this option in their ads manager, and as time progresses, this feature will continue to roll out and be released to the majority of advertisers.

Image above: Flexible Ad Format

So what is Flexible Ad format?
Flexible Ad format is an ad format available for the Traffic objective and Website Conversion option, designed to drive traffic to your website. You will encounter this option during the ad level creation process.

Flexible Ad Format is essentially the combination of a single image, a single video, a carousel, and a collection ad in one option, but optimized and enhanced through Meta AI-Learning.

How is the ad format used determined?
It is primarily determined by the Meta-AI in the system, which displays different ad formats according to the diverse audience, based on their historical interactions and ad preferences.

This ad format aims to maximize the click-through rate and interaction rate with the target audience, showing them the ad format they prefer the most based on historical data and AI-learning.

Should you use it?
It’s a new feature released by Meta and another step towards AI optimizations, where the AI handles most of the learning to optimize campaign performance and reduces the hassle required by advertisers to set up things differently for testing and optimization.

We have tested it, and while it may work for some campaign objectives and our clients, there are still instances where the ad format has its consequences and ineffectiveness, such as the auto-cropping issue.

Nevertheless, as this is still a newly released feature, we can expect that Meta will continue to work on it to address some of the arising issues and make it more viable for every advertiser.

2) Budget Scheduling

Budget scheduling is a newly released feature for advertisers who wish to proactively increase their budget for specific days or times when there is an anticipation of higher sales conversion rates. This is particularly applicable during ongoing sales events such as New Year Sales, Hari Raya Sales, Christmas Sales, and more.

This feature can be especially useful for customizing budget allocations across different time periods, allowing advertisers to effectively scale their campaigns by increasing the budget in advance for optimal performance.

Image above: Budget Scheduling
Image above: Budget Settings

3) Reminder Ads

Reminder ads are a new type of ad format rolling out to all advertisers as an option in the feed. These ads can assist advertisers in building awareness, anticipation, and consideration for upcoming online or offline events.

Image above: Eligible Campaign Objective - Engagement
Image above: Engagement Type - Reminder Set

How does it work?
Individuals can opt in to receive convenient reminders and will get three notifications from Instagram: one day before, 15 minutes before, and at the time of the event.

Image above: Event Details

This feature serves to remind interested audiences about live events, promotional events, and offline events, thereby enhancing attendance and view rates for specific audiences.

*This new ad format is currently rolling out in phases, so it may not be available on your account yet.

Based on our experience, this ad format holds particular significance for significant e-commerce promotions, live streams, and offline events, as it significantly boosts the recall rate among the target audience with three notifications from Instagram during the event date.

4) Instant Form Browser Add-On for Lead Ads

Since June 2023, Meta has introduced a new feature for Website Conversion ads. This feature includes an Instant Form Browser Add-On, enabling the collection of leads without the necessity of creating an internal form on the website.

The Instant Form Browser Add-On functions by presenting a pop-up lead form to users who visit a page on your website through an ad. This form allows users to input their information, and a persistent button ensures that an Instant Form appears at the bottom for easy access.

Image above: Conversion Location - Website
Image above: Browser add-ons - Instant Form

This combination integrates two approaches for both Website Traffic and Instant Form, enhancing audience outreach to individuals who prefer visiting a website. Simultaneously, it facilitates lead capture through a straightforward lead form add-on on the website, providing a user-friendly setup with easy tracking capabilities.

Does it work?
It’s an easier approach for advertisers who are experiencing issues setting up a lead form on their website and accurately tracking sign-ups from Facebook. This add-on is highly beneficial in terms of simplifying the setup process and ensuring more precise tracking of the number of sign-ups.

Furthermore, for advertisers who have been running lead generation campaigns for an extended period and are grappling with the consistent increase in cost per lead, this could serve as an alternative. It opens up the opportunity to explore new audience segments with different behaviors, expanding the audience base and capturing more lead sign-ups.

5) Facebook Groups with Ads in Meta

Promoting Facebook Groups with ads on Meta has been a sought-after strategy among advertisers. Running ads in the Facebook Group placement, however, hasn’t been made available or released by Meta.

Nevertheless, Meta is introducing a new update to the ad format, allowing advertisers to run ads with the objective of increasing the number of members for a specific Facebook Group. This update aims to enhance awareness and capture more potential leads and customers.

Image above: Conversion Location - Facebook Group
Image above: Facebook Group

*Not every advertiser has access to this new feature yet; Meta is still rolling out the updates in phases to all advertisers eventually.

The primary goal of the ad is to drive more group signups by focusing on the number of link clicks on the ad. This will undoubtedly contribute to increasing awareness and membership in your Facebook group at a faster growth rate.

*Potential Issue:
While you may be able to drive hundreds, if not thousands, of users to join the Facebook Group, there is a significant number of these audience members who use the group to spam their services and products. It’s important to consider setting rules and regulations to control the number of members joining your group and prevent spamming, which could potentially harm community engagement.

Alternatively, advertisers can devise a strategy using Facebook Groups for further education of the target audience and upsell them through different content and discussions shared in the group.

In conclusion, these are the top 5 recent Facebook updates that we believe you should be aware of before 2024. Understanding these updates is crucial for devising a strategic marketing plan, enabling you to run your Facebook and Instagram campaigns more effectively and, ultimately, fostering further growth in your business or brand revenue.

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