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Best 3 Facebook’s Audience Engagement Targeting You Need To Know!

Hello, advertisers. Good to see you all again. If you are here, most probably you have a Facebook page, did some postings and even ran some ads on Facebook & Instagram. The content could be an image, photo album post, GIF or even a video. From the postings, you do get responses from them, whether it is a click, view, like, comment, post save or even post share.

Now you have the engagements, what else can you derive from the audience engagement? This would be our main topic today, creating different custom audiences using different audience engagements.

From the previous articles, we do know that we can create different Saved Audiences, Custom Audiences & Lookalike Audiences on the Ads Manager Audiences tab. So what are the types of Audience Engagement that you can create as Custom Audience and how you can make use of them for different objectives?

Below are the MUST-KNOW Audience Engagement Custom Audiences features on the Facebook Ads Manager.

Custom Audiences

1. Video Engagement Custom Audience

Video engagement is probably the most important and useful audience engagement that you can create on Facebook Ads Manager especially when you do a lot of video postings on your Facebook Page and Ads. 

So what is Video Engagement Audiences and what kind of audiences can you segregate from it?
From the video audiences, it is possible to create custom audiences based on the audience behavior and reaction towards the video such as:
1. People who watched at least 3 seconds of your video
2. People who watched at least 10 seconds of your video
3. People who watched at least 15 seconds of your video
4. People who have watched 25% of your video
5. People who have watched 50% of your video
6. People who have watched 75% of your video
7. People who have watched 95% of your video

Custom Audiences - Video Engagement

How is this useful? Difference stages of video being watched indicates different levels of interests which can be used for different remarketing strategies.

For example, people who had watched 75% or 95% above usually are audiences that show high interests towards the content. If the video is the introduction video for your product and services. Doing aggressive remarketing towards this group audience could effectively convert them into your customers.

In another strategy, people who only watched 25% of your video may indicate that the content is not attractive for them which you can proceed to retarget with another video that approaches your target audience with another content to improve the ad effectiveness.

2. Facebook Page & Instagram Profile Custom Audience

Another audience engagement that must be used for better remarketing strategy would be Facebook Page Post Engagement & Lead Form Engagement.

There are a lot of custom audiences that you can create from Facebook Page.
Here are the ones that you must not miss out on and make use of them in your marketing strategy.

1. People who currently follow or like your page/Instagram.
2. People who engaged with any post or ad on Facebook/Instagram.
3. People who sent message to your page.
4. People who saved your page or any post.

Custom Audiences - Facebook Page & Instagram Profile

You may think that, why not just use everyone who is engaged with your page? It will include all of them right?

However, the main idea here on creating a custom audience to do remarketing is to do very specific segregations on the type of audiences and reach them accordingly using different ad content to achieve your objectives.

Different audience behavior on your page also indicates a different level of interest towards your business.

For example, people who follow or like your page do not necessarily have the same level of interest when compared to people who engaged with your page or even messaged your page before. The actions taken show a different level of interest and usually people who engaged or messaged your page will have a higher potential to convert compared to people who just liked your page.

While people who liked or followed your page, you can make use of other post content to attract them to engage more with your page and build up their familiarity with your brand, nurture them and eventually convert them into a long term relationship as valued fans & customers.

3. Lead Form Custom Audience

For people who run Lead Generation campaigns, lead form custom audience is definitely a custom audience that shouldn’t be missed.

It is possible to create different custom audiences based on the lead form interactions as below:

1. Anyone who opened the form.
2. People who opened but didn’t submit the form.
3. People who opened and submitted form.

Custom Audiences - Lead Form

The lead form custom audience can help to improve the audience targeting to be more specific in the campaign when it comes to remarketing, expanding audience and increasing the targeting accuracy.

Here are some of the scenarios on how to use the lead form custom audiences.

For instance, in a scenario that we are seeing duplicate leads are signing the form over and over again, upon creating the lead custom audience for people who signed up form. Making use of the custom audience by excluding it will help to avoid duplicate leads to sign up once more for the next 90 days.

In another scenario, we can also retarget the opened lead form audience that didn’t submit the form through remarketing campaigns as these audiences already show interest in your ad by clicking the ad and opening the form. Remarketing campaigns through different ad content to re-engage these audiences can help to increase the lead sign up rate even further.

Apart from all of the stated methods, all of the audience engagement custom audience also can be used to create lookalike audiences which will help advertisers to find audiences that have similar behaviors based on the source audience.

There are way more strategies that we can make use with the audience engagement in the Facebook Advertising campaigns. Advertisers just need to be creative and proactive when applying the audience engagement custom audiences in their advertising campaigns.


Now, that basically summarized the main audience engagement custom audience that you MUST-KNOW that you can apply on your Facebook advertising strategy. Of course, there are more to explore on the different uses of the Custom Audiences, so what are yours? Did you try applying these custom audiences on your campaigns before? How was the results? Do share with us in the comment section below!

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