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Top 5 Google Ads Hacks for 2024: Dominate Voice Search

What is Voice Search Marketing?

Voice search occurs when a user verbally poses a question to a device, such as a smartphone or smart home device. Subsequently, the device provides a prompt verbal response along with a conventional search results page.

Voice search marketing has swiftly emerged as a trending focal point for content marketers and SEOs. A significant 72% of informed US residents have started utilizing voice search functionality, which is starting to garner attention of businesses. In this article, we’ll share 5 Google Ads hacks that will help you dominate voice search in 2024!

#1 Hack: Use Long-Tailed Keywords

When people use voice search, they tend to use longer, more specific keywords. This is because they’re often trying to find a specific answer to their question.

For example, instead of searching for “restaurants,” someone might search for “restaurants near me that serve Italian food.”

By using long-tail keywords in your Google Ads campaigns, you can increase your chances of being shown for voice searches with better quality score ranking.

#2 Hack: Use Conversational Language in Ad Copy

Tailor your ad copy to deliver clear and succinct responses that address common voice search queries. Craft the ad copy to mirror how people speak, ensuring that your ads are more likely to be selected by voice assistants for verbal responses.

For example, instead of writing an ad that says “We offer the best Italian food in town,” write an ad that says “Looking for the best Italian food in town? Come to our restaurant!”

#3 Hack: Utilizing Ad Extensions

Ad extensions serve as invaluable tools that go beyond the basic ad copy, providing additional information and enticing features to potential customers. These extensions enhance the visibility and relevance of your ads, making them more compelling and informative. From sitelink extensions that direct users to specific pages on your website to callout extensions highlighting unique selling propositions, each extension serves a distinct purpose in catering to diverse user needs.

By incorporating a mix of extensions, advertisers can create a more comprehensive and engaging ad experience. Not only do ad extensions contribute to improved ad rank and click-through rates, but they also offer a strategic advantage in conveying key information efficiently. The use of ad extensions not only contributes to improved ad rank and click-through rates but also offers a strategic advantage in optimizing voice search advertising, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of this evolving marketing landscape.

#4 Hack: Glocalization

Glocalization ensures that advertising campaigns resonate with diverse linguistic nuances, cultural references, and local search intents. By tailoring content to reflect regional trends, linguistic diversity, and adherence to local SEO strategies, it would not only enhance discoverability in local search results but also builds up better trust and credibility within the community.

Glocalization is beyond just language, incorporating cultural sensitivity and compliance with local regulations, contributing to a personalized user experience that transcends borders.

For example, consider incorporating Bahasa Malaysia keywords and phrases into your ad copy to cater to the local audience if you are in Malaysia for certain states.

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This then summarizes the top 5 Google Ads Hacks for voice search optimization. These are just a few of the Google Ads hacks that can help you dominate voice search in 2024. By following these tips, you can increase your visibility in voice search results and attract more customers to your business.

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