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3 Things You Must Know About Meta’s (Facebook) Ad Library

Do you know about the Meta Ad Library?

The Meta Ad Library was launched in 2018 with the main purpose of providing a high transparency advertising platform to all of the people to gain more information about the ads they see on Facebook & Instagram.

It contains all active ads running across platforms such as Facebook & Instagram. Also, the Ad Library also offers additional information regarding ads related to sensitive topics and issues such as social issues, elections or politics showing up the ad spent, reach & funding entities. Such ads will be visible and stored in the Ad Library for up to seven years.

The Ad Library API also allows for deeper analysis of issues, electoral or political ads and everyone is able to view the political ads and how much was spent in the political campaign.

Now that you know about the Ad Library, how can you make use of these resources to help in your business marketing objective?

1. Check Your Competitor’s Ads

With Ad Library, it is possible to search and find out the ads that are being run by your competitors in the same industry. This allows you to understand how your competitors are making use of the Ad Platforms to advertise their business.
For example, you can easily search Shopee in the Ad Library to check out all the ads they are running in different countries. All you need to do to access this information is just with a few searches and clicks to show up all the ads information.

Shopee's Ads - Different Regions
Shopee's Ads - Active
When used properly, you can even find out what is current tests are being conducted by your competitors.

2. Get Ad Content Idea & Visual Idea

If you are a new advertiser new to the Meta advertising platform, Ad Library would be the most useful tool for you to get ad content & visuals ideas by getting a grasp of how your competitors & industry leaders are running their ads on the social platforms.

All of the ads running on the Meta Advertising Platforms can be viewed on the Ad Library and this allows advertisers to understand what are the content and ad strategies being used by competitors to stimulate a stronger brand presence.

3. Checking Ads During Competitive Time Frames

Backtracking your competitor's ads

Ad Library also can help advertisers to find out what are the active ads running by your competitors to avoid direct competition and make better planning for the ads budgeting.

For example, if you know that your competitor is running a sale at the same time as you, you would have more options to choose direct competition or push back the sales one week later. As the Meta Ad platform makes use of ad auction in the ad market, more advertisers running the ads targeting the same audience is very likely to cause an overall increase in ad cost compared to normal times. It is also able to track back the history of the past ad to understand what are the ads being run at the particular time to devise effective marketing strategy to tackle the competitors during the particular period to maximize ad results for a better ROI.

In conclusion, the Ad Library is a very useful resource that is open to the public to access with high transparency on the ads being run on Facebook & Instagram. When used correctly, it can provide a lot of insights to advertisers to understand about their competitors.

How about you? Have you tried using Meta Ad Library? How was the experience? Did it help in devising your business marketing strategy? Share with us in the comment section below!

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