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99% of Facebook Advertisers Don’t Know These 3 Ad Formats & Its Specs!

Are you the advertiser who has been struggling to figure out which ad format will suit your business the best to achieve your objective? No worries, we have gathered the data from all of our past & existing clients on their best-performing ads and summarize the top-performing ad formats for different campaign objectives.

1) Video Ad Format

Videos are typically one of the top performing ad formats that most advertisers use nowadays, as they tend to have better user-interactive experience with sound & movement and can better capture the audience’s attention. 

However, the cost of video production will take more effort and resources to generate different video content for the campaign objectives.

Short Video Ad Format
For Performance-based campaigns, when comes to getting traffic, leads & inquiries, short video ad(30s~60s) duration tends to work the best. Short videos that are straightforward in giving information on the unique selling points of the service & products tend to work better when comes to capturing leads & inquiries in most cases.

Informational Video Ad Format (1minute~2minutes)
Long video ad formats are usually more suitable to be used for branding and awareness campaign objectives when the main goal is to generate more awareness among the targeting audience and want to nurture them to understand your business better. In addition, the viewers of the long videos can be further segmented into different percentage views for further remarketing in the future.

   a. Easily capture the target audienceโ€™s attention for the first 15 seconds.
   b. Tends to have higher click-through rate than the other ad formats.
   c. Suitable for most of Facebook’s Ad Campaign Objectives.
   d. Able retarget the video viewers based on different percentages viewed.

   a. Video content can significantly affect the view completion rate & performance.
   b. High production cost & time-consuming.

   Recommended Video Specs: 
   a. 1200 x 628 px or
   b. 1080 x 1080 px
   c. Maximum file size: 4GB

2) Single Image Ad Format

Despite of different ad format that is being used in digital advertising, single images remains to be one of the most widely used ad formats. A good single image would be able to convey key marketing messages directly and easily understood by the users to drive the audienceโ€™s action to visit, sign-up or send messages. It’s important to keep the text inside the images at a moderate amount to ensure that the users have better experience while need to make sure the main message of the single image is directive enough when combined with the copywriting. 

   a. Easy to generate with multiple variations.
   b. Lower production cost compared to video ad format.
   c. Suitable to most of Facebook’s Ad Campaign Objectives.

   a. Less attractive compared to video format.
   b. Limited information you can include in a single image.

   Recommended Ad Specs:
   a. 1200 x 628 px or 1080 x 1080 px
   b. Maximum file size 30 MB
   c. Aspect ratio tolerance: 3%

3) Album Post 

Most Facebook users would have noticed nowadays that there are more and more people making use of album posts to promote their businesses. An album post is usually widely used for storytelling format to draw the attention of the users using content that signifies challenges or questions related to the target audience and ultimately gives them the solutions. 

In the meanwhile, there are also retail stores that would make use of album posts to showcase their products easily in an album post so that the interested audience can scroll through the album post easily to view different products until they find out the product that they are interested in to leave comments or message the page for further action.

   a. More attractive since the audience can interact with more images in the post.
   b. In most cases, we can see people are more willing to share and comment on the album post compared to a single photo post.

   a. Needs to create another album post that is all square sizes to run for Instagram placements.
   b. This ad format is not applicable for Traffic, Conversion, Lead Generation and some other campaign objectives.

   Recommended Ad Specs:
   a. Cover – 2048 x 1365 px
   b. Up to 9 Subsequent square image – 1080 x 1080 px

This then summarizes the top 3 best ad formats for Facebook Ads based on our past & existing experiences with our clients & participants. While ad creatives are playing a big role in Facebook advertising campaign performance, the other vital part of digital advertising is the campaign settings on the targetings and optimizations. Good ad content should be paired with the right audience to maximize the effect in order to achieve the campaign objectives.

How about you? What are your best ad formats to drive leads & sales on Facebook & Instagram advertising? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below!

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