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Top 6 Ads You Need to Run After MCO!

Businesses are slowly back in operations and things are getting back to normal in a few weeks time. Are you ready to give your business a boost in sales/inquiries after MCO ends?

With the upcoming festive seasons and the long lockdown period which suppressed the buying power of the people for some time, experts are expecting at least some re-bounce on the economy after the MCO period.

It’s now the perfect time to do some planning of your digital marketing strategy ahead as preparation for the next phase to ramp up your business and turn this crisis to an opportunity to grow further.

So What Performance Driven Campaign You Should Run, Right After MCO?⁣

1. Traffic Ads – Why?

Setting up performance-driven ads to bring the most traffic to your website to acquire Sales, Inquiries and Sign-ups. This would be one of the best objectives to effectively market your business as the Facebook Algorithm will optimize your ads to your best target audience to acquire their traffic.⁣

Introduce your products/services in the ad and drive them to your website to finish specific actions like Purchase & Sign-ups. Don’t have a website? You can also make use of the traffic objectives to acquire inquiries on Messenger & WhatsApp too!

2. Website Conversion – Why?

Setting up performance-driven ads to bring the most traffic to your website to acquire Sales, Inquires, and Sign-ups. Website conversion ads are one of the most suitable and effective objectives to market your products & services on a website. To start off, first, you must have a Facebook Pixel installed on the website so that the Facebook Algorithm can optimize your ads to your best target audience to track & acquire events conversions based on the pixel data collected.

The best part of Website Conversion Ads is that the Facebook Algorithm will have more learning with the Website User Behaviours through the Facebook Pixel installed which enables Systematic Optimization of your ads to attain your objectives by reaching the audience with the most similar behaviour. The learning will take some time and a lot of optimization work but certainly pays off once it starts showing results and gives out high Return on Ad Spent (ROAS) at the end!⁣⁣

3. Lead Generation – Why?

Setting up performance-driven ads to capture the Most Lead for your products/services and follow up them thru email or phone calls. Lead Generation Ad is one of the most suitable and effective objectives to acquire Potential Leads for your products & services without using a website.

To start off, you just need to create a Lead Form for the potential leads to fill in the details needed for you to contact them. After lead form creation, you just need to go through the usual ads creation process and run the Lead Generation Ads!

The best part of Lead Generation Ads is that the whole lead acquisition process happened On-Facebook without having the need to leave Facebook and go to a website. Moreover, the form will be automatically filled in with the details the users already shared with Facebook! This skips the additional steps and the hassle to fill in the form which ultimately reduces the bounce rate!

These features make things easier for the users to share their information and allow you to do the follow-up with them through phone calls and eventually closing the sales to turn them into your existing customers.

4. Messenger Ads – Why?

Unlike all other performance-driven campaigns. Messenger Ads has the primary objective of getting as many Messages as possible. The best part of messenger ads is that you will be able to get Potential Leads to message you directly about their concerns and interests. You will be able to respond to them directly and follow-up with them which made it one of the most effective objectives to close sales. ⁣

One of the highlights of Messenger Ads is the Automated Messaging Feature which allows few FAQ options available for the target audience. Moreover, each of the options can have their very own Unique Automated Reply setup by the advertisers. This helps to improve the audience experience with the ads as they can save the hassles to type and directly click on the FAQs to answer with immediate & automated responses which increases the conversion rate significantly.⁣

4. Google Search – Why?

Google Search or known as SEM is the most ideal ads that can help your customer to find your product or services.⁣

The uniqueness of this ad type is that people who searched your product/service keywords already have the intention. Hence the probability for them to buy or to sign up is much better compared to just showing your ads to random people.⁣

Secondly, by implementing conversion attribution feature, Google Search ads are able to tell advertiser the journey that the customer has taken before purchasing or signing up in your websites hence helping advertisers to plan and estimate what keywords, which gender, which ad copy, which time of the day to focus that can contribute to better ROI on your ad spent.⁣

6. Gmail Ads – Why?

Gmail Ads is known as one of the best advertisement that can help you re-engage with your customer to cross-sell or upsell.⁣

It works by uploading your customer email addresses and showing them a new advertisement containing your promotional offer and content.

You also may use keywords contextual targeting to target users who have certain keywords in their email. For example, if you are selling baby formula milk & you know the facts that your customers are receiving newsletters from Anmum, Nestle or any baby-related companies. So you may use the branded keywords to target people who are receiving email from the companies and your ads will appear on the user’s Social & Promotion tabs.

Due to the after-effects of COVID-19, it has impacted the economy on a global scale with a lot of traditional businesses that are unable to cope with the crisis eventually shutting down. However, we are also seeing the rise of new businesses who are more digitized to meet the new demand of the market from this crisis.

People are relying more heavily on the internet for social purposes than 10 years ago. Digital marketing is no longer just an added advantage but an inevitable factor for a business to achieve success. Start planning and implementing digital marketing for your business today!

What are your digital marketing plans to grow your business further after MCO?

Do share with us in the comment section below!⁣

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