How to Edit Boosted Facebook Post

How to Edit Boosted Facebook Post

If you are here reading this article, you probably encountered these situations before:

1) You made a mistake on your Facebook Post content and you want to edit it. However, you realize that you can’t edit the post because Facebook doesn’t allow changes to be made on a post that is being boosted.

2) Your Facebook post is getting a lot of good responses and likes which can be served as very good social proof. However, the post’s promo code already expired and you have to create a new post and accumulate the likes, comments and share all over again. 

3) You want to extend the promotion or update the content of the post without resetting the existing engagements on your posts.

Due to restrictions from the Facebook setting, it doesn’t allow you to edit a boosted ad post easily if you are running a Post Engagement Campaign.

1. Go to Ads Manager

First, go to your ads manager, you may go to this URL if you are not sure how to get to your ads manager.  You should be familiar with Ads Manager as it is the main interface for us to create, optimize and gain data insights of the past & existing campaigns that we run on Facebook. 

You can go to Ads Manager with this URL and select your account

Or access it on your Facebook Profile, Manage Ads or Business Manager if you are using BM

2. Go to Campaigns/Ad Sets/Ads

Select the campaign that you want to edit the ad. Go to Ad Section, edit ALL the ads that are using the same Facebook Post and click change post. Change it to a different or new post temporarily and click publish changes.

*Alternative way, you can also delete all the ads that are using the Facebook post, however the metrics will be deleted from the ads and doesn’t show on normal view of the data metrics.

3. Go back to your Facebook Post

Now you click on the triple dots on the top right, you should see the edit button is now available and that should allow you to make edits to the Facebook post content or even images.

4. Go back to your Ads Manager

Repeat the same process and change back the Ads to Facebook Post you want to run. 

Things to Take Note

  1. Make sure all the past & existing ads that are using the Facebook Post are changed to another post or deleted. Otherwise, the edit option of the Facebook Post will not appear.
  2. If all past & existing ad is already edited or deleted yet the edit option is still not available, make sure that there are no 3rd ad account that is using the Facebook Post to run the ads.
  3. The edit images option is not available all the time, sometimes Facebook locks the edit image option for certain posts and objectives. For instance, carousel posts can only edit the captions but not the images in the carousel

And that’s how you can edit a boosted Facebook Ad Post. Hope this guide help to solve your problem. If you would like to receive more updates on the tips on Facebook Advertising & Google Advertising. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates and Like & Follow Us on Our Facebook Page & Instagram.

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