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Top 6 Facebook Ad Updates You Must Know in 2020!

2020 is here and everything in the digital marketing industry is changing especially with the digital tax being implemented in Malaysia and so on.

Facebook is also constantly updating and changing their advertising algorithm to keep up with the trend and improve the user ads experience.

So what are the top upcoming Facebook updates that you need to know? These updates are so important that it will certainly create an impact towards the social media advertising when it fully rolls out.

Here are the 2020 upcoming Facebook Advertising updates that you need to know: 

1. Facebook Ad Limits and the Ad Volume API:

In mid-2020, Facebook will start implementing a limit on the number of ads each Page can run at the same time. The ad limits will start with just a small percentage of advertisers as part of the testing phase before full implementation.

According to Facebook, the main reason they implement this is because of the reason that high ad volume will hinder an advertiser’s performance. The higher the volume of ads running at the same time, the fewer ads will exit the learning phase which then leads to more budget is spent before the delivery system can optimize an ad’s performance.

2. Multiple Text Optimization

Some of you may already noticed and even using the feature already.

Yup, Facebook will be rolling out multiple text optimization which is similar to Google Ads in its own version. Advertiser can save the hassle to create multiple ads just to test out the best performing text.

This feature ads make it easier for advertisers to create, test, and optimize several different options for the headlines, ad copy, and product descriptions. 

The features enable to do Facebook Ad Copy test and optimize ad copy easily and reduce some manual effort at the same time.

3. Facebook Remove Post Scheduling on Pages

Facebook Admins will no longer able to schedule posts directly from the Page itself.

To schedule Page posts, you will need to do it through the Creator Studio, Business Manager, or Publishing Tools only.

4. Facebook Opens Search Ad Placements

Facebook’s search ads is official and it will start rolling out to be available to more advertisers.

The search ads are a new type of ad for the platform similar to the Google Search ads in their very own version. Advertisers will be able to bid their Page show up in higher ranking for relevant mobile searches users make on the platform.

This type of ad will allow businesses to reach users who are actively searching for Pages similar to them creating more business opportunities to reach out to a very specific group of users

These ads will be highly relying on visual, as you can see in the example above.

Search pages will include the general search and Marketplace search options while still being able to set detail targeting audiences criteria just like other ads.

Currently, the ads are limited to a set of contextually relevant English and Spanish search terms only. Let’s see when it’s rolling out more globally whether it’s going to release with more unique features as well. 

5. New Business Tools in Messenger

Facebook announced some new business tools in Messenger, most of which will likely be rolling out later this year either in an initial public release or on a beta-test, depending on the features.

A. Lead Generation tools in Messenger:

This tool had rolled out already, more and more advertisers are noticing a new option available when they run messenger ads. The option is in Messenger’s template in the Facebook Ads Manager.

New messenger features to set up automated, chatbot-like experiences to qualify leads accordingly to their requirements and collect the necessary information automatically. Businesses will then be able to pick up and continue the conversations with combination of CRM tools effort to finish the customer journey.

B. Appointment booking through Messenger. 

The feature is now open to beta testing (you can request to join the waitlist here). This new feature allows integration their calendar and appointment booking software with Facebook which allows appointment bookings through Messenger when potential customers message them. This ultimately will help to make real traffic appointments to physical store visits a lot better.

Alongside these changes, the standard messaging window will also be changed to only the first 24 hours after receiving the message. After 24 hours, you’ll need to rely on sponsored messages to send out follow-up messages.

6. Value Optimization with Minimum ROAS Bidding

Facebook is also currently testing out and providing advertisers with more options to control on the value a campaign generates by setting up a minimum Return of Ad Spent value.

This is entirely a whole new way of bidding ads on Facebook,  with this ad optimization option Facebook’s system will bid to match or exceed that value which could be a great way to optimize campaign to generate the most revenue especially for e-commerce campaign.

However, Facebook is still beta-testing this ad optimization option is rolling out to very limited advertisers only. Once we got the chance to use the Value Optimization bidding we will share further insights in our next few articles. Remember to stay tuned for it!

While more and more Facebook updates are rolling out, these are the few updates from Facebook that needs to be highlighted and shared with our advertisers and partners. We will continue to share more important Facebook updates that advertisers need to know in the future. So, remember to subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on social media to not miss out on these vital information!

See you guys in the next article!

What are your thoughts and insights about these latest Facebook updates? Have you tried it and how was the result? Share with us in the comment section below!

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