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Facebook Business Suite

This September, Facebook launched a whole new management platform that incorporates both Facebook & Instagram into one place which is known as Facebook Business Suite. The main purpose is to make it easier for businesses to manage their Facebook & Instagram presences easily on one platform.

From the video, you should be able to see that a lot of functions can be accessed in one place and are available on both Desktop & Mobile App.

Here are the Key Functions of the Facebook Business Suite:

1. Stay Updated Easily:
View all notifications, comments, messages and other activity across Facebook & Instagram in one place. Make it easier to manage all business activity in one place.

2. Platform Insights:
Understand key insights on reach, engagement & post-performance across Facebook & Instagram. Understand your fanbase and customer behaviour to optimize your efforts for each platform to achieve your objective.

3. Social Postings:
Save time and effort to do postings for Facebook & Instagram under one platform. Share with both communities easily without hassle. 

4. Run & Manage Ads for Both Platforms:
Boost your posts to reach more audiences and grow your businesses. 

With this new management platform for Desktop & Mobile App, it’s definitely beneficial for business owners and digital marketers for them to manage their campaigns and analyze the business insights from the Facebook Page & Instagram Business Profile.

So have you experienced the Facebook Business Suite? We think that this is a must for business owners and digital marketers if they want to keep track of the online business performance.


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