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Top 5 Reasons to Start Using TikTok Spark Ads Now!

With one billion active users worldwide, TikTok has quickly become a leading social media platform and an advertising powerhouse. Spark Ads on TikTok offers businesses a unique tool to connect with new audiences and maximize advertising potential. From customization options to increased engagement rates and ad relevance, here are five reasons why TikTok Spark Ads should be a part of your next advertising campaign.

What is Spark Ads?

Spark Ads is a type of native ad format that allows you to leverage the features of organic TikTok posts in your advertising efforts. This distinctive format enables you to publish ads using:
      1. Your own TikTok account’s posts.
      2. Organic posts made by other creators with their permission.

In contrast to regular In-Feed ads, Spark Ads utilize posts from authentic TikTok accounts, ensuring that all the views, comments, shares, likes, and follows garnered during the campaign duration are credited to your organic posts. Additionally, you can reuse the same organic TikTok posts multiple times as creative elements in your ads without any restrictions.

1) More Authentic Engagement

By using organic TikTok posts, Spark Ads can help drive more authentic engagement with users. As the content is likely to be less promotional and sales driven. Spark Ads are more similar to what users are used to seeing on the platform, which tends to increase the likelihood of the users to engage with the ad content as they blend in well with the organic content on the platform.

2) Increased Reach

Spark Ads retain all organic and paid user interactions, such as likes, shares, and comments, rather than considering them solely as engagement generated by the ad. This can help to increase the reach and visibility of the original organic post.

3) Increase in Ad performance

After evaluating our past and existing experiences using both TikTok Spark Ads and Non-Spark Ads, we have observed that Spark Ads tend to yield better campaign outcomes in terms of key ad metrics such as Video Views, Engagement Rate, CVR, and CPM.

Specifically, we have seen a significant improvement generally in these metrics when using Spark Ads, with a Completion Rate increase of 30%, Engagement Rate increase of 142%, CVR increase of 43%, and CPM decrease of 4% compared to Non-Spark Ads. Additionally, by using Spark Ads, you can also minimize unintended clicks, leading to a higher CVR.

4) Improved Ad Relevance

Spark Ads can help increase ad relevance by leveraging the popularity and engagement of organic TikTok content, improving ad targeting, and creating a more natural and native look and feel that is more likely to resonate with the platform’s audience.

Utilizing Spark Ads can improve ad targeting, as the system’s algorithm analyzes engagement data from organic content to gain insights into the target audience’s behavior and preferences. This allows for the refinement of ad targeting, leading to more precise targeting and better results.

5) Better Brand Messaging

Spark Ads offer customization options, including the ability to add a CTA and support for Duet, Stitch, and Sticker features, allowing for a more tailored ad that aligns with your brand and messaging. This customization can improve ad relevance and help resonate with the target audience.

Thus, that concludes the Top 5 Reasons to Start Using TikTok Spark Ads Now to maximize your advertising results! TikTok Spark Ads is undeniably a more cost-effective way to advertise your business with better engagement rate and more options to do customization. It’s a more powerful tool for businesses looking to reach new audiences and maximize their advertising potential.

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