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Important Update: Facebook Page & Ad Account Restriction Crisis!

Starting in August 2022 we have been receiving complaints and requests for assistance and support as more advertisers are facing issues where their Facebook Page has been restricted out of sudden or banned from advertising due to unknown or vague reasons. The issue has sparked numerous discussions on Reddit among the Digital Advertising community.

We strongly believed this could be due to the recent update in August 2022 which has changed Facebook’s Algorithm to become stricter with pages and adverts on Facebook. This is also part of the efforts from Facebook to ensure businesses are complying with their policies.

Here are a few things to take note of which may help to avoid the same advertising restriction happening on your pages and ad accounts.

1. Inauthentic Facebook Account

Facebook has been very strict with fake profiles that don’t represent a real person in reality and often takes action against fake profiles by taking down and blocking the account. Hence, using your own authentic personal profile would be highly recommended and make things easier to claim back when Facebook ask for identity confirmation.

2. Facebook Account Security

Increase your Facebook Account security by making sure all of the personal information and details are as of most updated especially for the email & phone number to make it easier to retrieve the account if the account ever got hacked and when you lost access.

It is also recommended to turn on the Two-Factor Authentication either via Text Message or Authenticator App so that whenever an unrecognized device logs into the account, the system will prompt for a TAC code before granting full access.

3. Good Payment History & Quality User Access to the ad account

Having a good payment history of the ad account without failed payments would help to increase the overall account quality. If the ad account’s outstanding balance hasn’t been cleared for more than a week, it is advised to clear the outstanding amount as soon as possible.

The system is now assessing not just the overall account quality but including the quality of the users that have access to the ad account. Users that have bad payment history or have multiple ad accounts disabled for policy violations have a higher likelihood to affect the existing ad account and may lead to the advertising restriction to the other ad accounts and Facebook Pages as well.

4. Follow the Facebook Community Standards and Ad Policies

Always make sure the social posting contents posted on the page are adhering to the Facebook Community Standards and the ads that are running are complying with the ads policies. Breach of ad policies too many times can easily make your page get restricted by the Facebook system.

What to do if you already have been restricted from advertising by Facebook recently?
If you haven’t submitted the appeal to the Facebook team yet, there is still one chance. Do ensure that you explain everything in a proper manner to clarify your business nature and industry before sending the appeal to the Facebook Ad Policy team. Keep it as detailed as possible so that the Policy Team is able to understand and review your Facebook Page and Ad Account accordingly. Wait for 2-3 business days and the Facebook Ad Policy Team will get back to you with their final decision towards your account.

Suppose you have already submitted the appeal and have been rejected by Facebook and marked as the final decision, your Ad Account and the Facebook Page most likely cannot be released from the restriction anymore. The only viable solution is to start fresh with a new Facebook Account and Facebook Page to build up everything from scratch and avoid the same mistakes from happening again.

Running digital advertising is getting more challenging than ever. Additionally, the constant updates to the algorithm and the implementation of iOS14 don’t help with the current situation. It’s no longer just creating a Facebook Page and clicking on the ‘Boost’ button to run the ads. The digital advertising dynamics are getting more complicated and require a vast amount of knowledge to strategize and execute marketing plans for the business.

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