Top 5 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips

Top 5 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips

Are you running Facebook Advertisements on your own? Are your campaign results inconsistent and is starting to hit the “invisible wall” to improve your ads result further?

The reason you are here is that you are either facing problems in your Facebook Campaigns and are looking for solutions to overcome and improve your campaign performance.

In this article, we will share with you 5 advanced Facebook Advertising Tips to elevate your campaign performance to the next level. 

Before we proceed with this article, I certainly hope that you all are using the Ads Manager to create your ads and not the “Boost Post” way. If the answer is no, we highly recommend you to read our article Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Facebook Boost Posts and start exploring the exclusive features that only Ads Manager can do!

#1 Split Testing Are you running your ads purely based on one targeting or is it even a broad targeting without any proper setting? There are 26 million Facebook users in Malaysia, imagine the total budget that would be required if you are just blindly targeting everyone without a proper strategy to build up your target audience portfolio.

The main purpose of Split Testing is to find out the best audience from the large pool of users on Facebook/Instagram. It is important to study demographic & behavior insights of your existing customers and test your ad performance towards them accordingly, from ad creatives to ad copies to the products you are selling. It is very important to find out these to ensure that your budget is well spent to increase the outcome of your ad.

#2 Facebook Tracking Pixel: Performance Insights

What is Facebook Tracking Pixel? Facebook Tracking Pixel is basically a tool for advertisers to track the performance of the ad when they bring the traffic from Facebook to website. Having a Facebook Pixel on the website will help to track all the actions of the visitors when they land on your website. From registrations to Add to Carts to Checkouts and eventually purchase, it is vital to track all these user behaviors on your website to gain more performance insights.


It is only with a Facebook Tracking Pixel installed on your website, it is then possible to track the numbers of actions and sales generated from your ads which helps to optimize further to find out which audiences & ad creatives work the best on bringing sales conversion.  



Key metrics that you should pay attention if you already Installed Facebook Tracking Pixel:

a. Complete Registrations – Users database/Potential Leads

b. Add to Carts c. Checkouts Initiated d. Purchases – (number of purchase, value of purchase & cost per purchase)e. Purchase ROAS 

#3 Audience Insights  
If you have been running ads via the Ads Manager, are you digging in the data insights that are generated from your campaigns? Still looking at the surface? Clicks, Engagement and website conversions only?

To optimize your campaigns further, it is also very important to dig deeper on your Campaign Statistics to find out more insights. For example, the types of data statistics that you should definitely look into.

1. Age

2. Gender

3. Placement Platforms

4. Location

It’s important to find out these insights to understand who are your best performing audience and how to optimize further to design and target your ads accordingly to these target groups to achieve better ROAS numbers of your campaigns.

 #4 Learning Phase

 Learning Phase is definitely a common issue that you will see if you run ads frequently enough thru ads manager. So what is the learning phase?


How the Facebook Algorithm works on optimizing the ad performance?


“Each time an ad is shown, our ads delivery system learns more about the best people and places to show the ad. The more an ad is shown, the better the delivery system becomes at optimizing the ad’s performance.” – Facebook

So what we can conclude from the learning phase is that, to optimize the ads for best performance, it is very important to exit the learning phase. Because during the learning phase, the performance is less stable and the cost is usually higher.

#Key Tips

You should minimize the number of significant changes during & after the learning phase. If you made significant edits during the learning or after learning phase. The learning will be reseted and the whole process will repeat again which made the CPA unable to reach its stable state.

Best Practices

a. Avoid unnecessary edits that cause ad sets to re-enter the learning phase.
b. Avoid high ad volumes.
c. Use realistic budgets.

#5 Making use of Different Campaign Objectives

Are you using the same campaign objectives over and over again?

Still using Page Likes & Post Engagement Campaign?


There are more than 10 Campaign Objectives on Ads Manager

Why Should You Make Use of Different Campaign Objectives?

On Social Media Advertising, it’s very important to have different marketing strategies and not always rely on one SALES strategy over and over again.

What can happen from SALES strategy in the long term?

Ad Fatigue: An issue that will affect even the most successful Facebook ad campaigns. Imagine your target audience have been seeing the same ads over and over again for 3 months consecutively? What will happen? People will get bored and become less responsive to your ads which then leads to decline in ad performance. 

There are different types of campaign and ad format available on Facebook each uniquely designed to match different users behaviors. For instance, a Website Traffic campaign will reach users who are most likely to have website purchase behavior while a Post Engagement campaign will reach people who are more engaging on Facebook.


Does that mean these users with different behaviors on Facebook are not your target audience? If the answer is no, you should definitely explore these campaign objectives and make use of them to reach a bigger potential audience pool to achieve higher revenue possibility. 

It’s important to incorporate your digital marketing strategy to reach your target audience that have different behavior and find a way to convert them into your customers. If the customer behavior prefers inquiries before making a purchase decision or bank-in method, would you cater along with their requests or still insist to send them to your website to complete the payment?


From our perspectives, the best strategy is to build your customer base with different objectives, build rapport with them along the process and eventually convert them into your loyal customers. In the long term, this will definitely benefit your business by bringing more revenue

Those are the Top 5 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips shared by Cloud Media, if you are having trouble understanding what Ads Manager is and some of the features mentioned in this article. Perhaps you should read more about our introduction articles or consider joining our workshop! Our 2-Days Hands-on Facebook & Instagram Advertising Workshop guides you from head to toe on the fundamentals Facebook & Instagram Advertising. Our workshops are HRDF certified and we have ran more than 500 workshops in the past few years. 

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Do share your thoughts on the advanced tips we shared in this article. Did you implement them or are you already practising it? Share your results and insights in the comment section below!

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