Top 4 Advanced Facebook’s Custom Audiences Strategies

Top 4 Advanced Facebook’s Custom Audiences Strategies

Hello Advertisers, it’s been a while. Our topic today revolves around custom audiences. We have been emphasizing the importance and impact of Facebook Custom audiences in quite a few of our articles before. But do you really understand Facebook Custom Audience?

So What is a Facebook Custom Audience?

Facebook Custom audience is a group of audiences that already interacted with your brand in all sorts of ways such as;

  • Website: Site data tracked by the Facebook pixel on your website.
  • Customer List: Existing customers who provided the email & phone database to you.
  • App Activity: Users activity of your apps.
  • Video: People who watched your videos that you posted on Facebook/Instagram.
  • Instagram Account: People who have interacted with your Instagram Profile.
  • Lead Form: Facebook users who have engaged with the lead generation form.
  • Events: Facebook audiences who have shown interest in or attended on the events that you created on Facebook.
  • Instant Experience: Users who have opened one of your experiences, collection on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Facebook Page: People who followed or engaged with your Facebook Page in any way. 
  • Shopping: Audiences who clicked on any of your shop on Facebook or Instagram.
  • On-Facebook Listings: Users who interacted with your On-Facebook marketplace listings.

How to Create Facebook Lookalike Audiences?

Step 1: First go to your Ads Manager, Select All Tools and choose Audiences.

Step 1: First go to your Ads Manager, Select All Tools and choose Audiences.

Step 2: Choose create audience, create custom audiences and choose the custom audience that you want to create.

Step 2: Choose create audiences, create custom audiences and choose the custom audience that you want to create.

Above: As you can see, there are different types of Facebook custom audiences that you can create based on your needs.

Upon creation, you can make use the Custom Audience in your Facebook Advertising Strategies to do things like:

1. Retargeting Ads – Target different groups of audiences with ads content and visual based on what they engaged and interacted with you.

With custom audiences being created, it is possible to segment your audiences based on the stage of the marketing funnel they are in. For instance, people who visited your website, viewed the product and even added to cart but didn’t finish the payment process.

These groups of audiences are usually highly convertible with shown interests and thus, running remarketing ads to these audiences will help to increase the conversion rate and even you can prepare customized contents, offers & promos to get them to finish the payment.

Most people would have experienced this before, you went to a website to view a particular product and left the website. Subsequently for the next few days, you kept seeing the products showing in all different sorts of places until you decided you would take the offer and purchase the product one day.

This is remarketing. By targeting the custom website audiences based on their interaction and actions on the website;

Above: More Personalized Remarketing Ads based on their recent actions & interests

2. Upsell or even cross-sell new products to these warm audiences that already familiarize with your brand.

Similar to what you can do with website custom audiences, this second strategy will help you to target your existing customer lists based on the product they bought previously.

For example, you can create a custom audience based on the existing customers’ email & phone number lists for the particular product and remarket them with products that are closely related to your existing customers.

Based on the
research conducted by Adobe Analytics in 2021, customers who purchased from your store 2 times are 9 times more likely to convert compared to first-time buyers.

Source: Adobe

3. A More Effective Strategy to Reach Prospect Audiences by Utilizing Custom Audiences thru Custom Audience Exclusion.

Besides using custom audiences to remarketing ads to the custom audiences, it is also possible to apply Facebook Custom Audiences into the audience exclusion to ensure your ads are effectively reaching people that matters the most.

In a scenario that customer group A already bought Product A, you want to avoid reaching these audiences on your Product A ads. Therefore, by applying exclusion for customer lists & website custom audiences that purchased the product, will ensure your ads are showing to the audiences that matters the most for your Product A ads.

Custom Audience Exclusion

4. Create Lookalike audiences to expand your audience further to reach people who have similar behavior with your custom audiences to achieve better results.

Lookalike audiences is one of the advanced tools on Facebook that helps you find audiences that are closely related and similar to your source audiences in unexpected ways of interests & behaviors that wouldn’t be thought of. Making use of it will help you to expand your audiences while at the same time optimized to reach people who are more likely to be interested in your products/services.

We also wrote a more detailed article on Best 3 Facebook Lookalike Audience Hidden Strategies You Must Know! Find out more on how you can incorporate lookalike audiences into your Facebook advertising strategy!

In conclusion, Facebook Custom Audience is a vital tool for successful advertising strategy. When we start running ads, it’s normal that we want to reach more of our target audiences as much as possible but that’s only the first step of the marketing funnel. Upon reaching the target audience and getting them to familiarize and learn about your products/services, the next part of the funnel is the consideration stage for the target audience. How would you want to get them to convert, subscribe or purchase your products/services through your advertising strategy?

Remarketing is the main key to get a higher conversion rate by showing more personalized ads content that are dedicated for audiences in different stages of the marketing funnel and eventually doing follow-up ads content establishing a long-term relationship with the existing customer for a better lifetime value.

Are you using Facebook Custom Audiences? Did you segment them accordingly and try with our strategies mentioned? What are the results? Share with us in the comment section below!

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