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4 Biggest Similarities You Must Know Between TikTok & Facebook Ads

TikTok is one of the top rising stars among digital advertising platforms. More advertisers are exploring the platform for more business opportunities to grow their business further. Do you know that there are some similarities when it comes to running ads on TikTok & Facebook? Today, we will venture into the similarities between the two platforms, TikTok & Facebook.

1) Similarities in Campaign Structure

One of the biggest similarities between TikTok & Facebook advertising platforms is that they both have the same campaign structure whereas both are using Ads Manager to create campaigns in the following structure:

a) Campaign – Determine the type of campaign objectives for the ads you will run.
b) Ad Sets (TikTok: Ad Groups) – Determine the budget and the type of audience that you would like to reach
c) Ads – Determine the ad copy and ad format that you would like to deliver to your audience.

Experienced Facebook advertisers will notice that not only the structure names are similar, the main features of each of the levels in the campaigns are having 80%-90% similar settings when creating a TikTok campaign.

2) Similar Campaign Objectives

Apart from the campaign structures being similar, TikTok also has similar campaign objectives to the Facebook campaign objectives whereas each of them serves the same purpose to achieve the specific goal.

a) Traffic Campaign (Facebook) Vs. Traffic Campaign (TikTok). Both serve ads with the main purpose of gaining more traffic to an external website.
b) Video View Campaign (Facebook) Vs. Video View Campaign (TikTok). Both serve the ads with the main purpose of increasing the exposure of the video and getting more video views from the target audience.
c) Lead Generation Campaign (Facebook) Vs. Lead Generation Campaign (TikTok). Both serve the ads with the main purpose of getting the personal information of potential audiences who are interested in the products/services mentioned in the ad content.
d) Page Likes Campaign (Facebook) Vs. Community Interaction Campaign (TikTok). Both serve the ads with the main purpose of getting more followers on the Facebook Page/TikTok Profile and increasing the traffic to the profile.
e) Website Conversion Campaign (Facebook) Vs. Website Conversion Campaign (TikTok). Serve ads with the main purpose of driving more specific actions on the website such as add to carts, checkouts, purchases, registrations and utilize pixel (Facebook Pixel & TikTok Pixel) to track the website conversions.

3) Similar Campaign Creation Flow

The campaign creation flow is very similar for both Facebook & TikTok platforms as they have the same campaign structure. This makes experienced advertisers can easily understand and create TikTok campaigns easily given the basic knowledge of Facebook Advertising.

Nevertheless, there are some settings that are different for both platforms such as targeting options like hashtags targeting, behaviour targeting and among other things that are not available in Facebook Ads.

4) Similarities in Advertising Policies Across Platforms

Apart from that, the advertising policies for both Facebook & TikTok are also similar in their own terms whereas gambling, MLM, adult products etc are all not allowed on both platforms.

Similarly, both platforms have similar practices for disabling ad accounts that donโ€™t comply with the policies as well as the appeal process.

Once you have experience with running Facebook Ads, you will have not many issues when migrating to run ads on the TikTok platform. However, although there are a lot of similarities in terms of the campaign creation, campaign structure and targeting features on both of the Ads Manager (Facebook & TikTok), the advertising strategies for both platforms are totally different due to the user behaviours and demographic across both platforms.

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