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Facebook’s Text in Ad Image Rule is Dead!

For people who had been using the Text Overlay Tool by Facebook, you would have realized that the tool is no longer available to access and use right now.

Here are some of the latest updates we have received from Facebook & from quite a few of the digital marketers lately. 


Source: Social Media Today

However, there is still no official announcement and updates from Facebook as of now. But we can take notice of quite a few of this particular changes on the Facebook tools & policy side. 

1. No More Grid Tool.
The grid tool that was used to measure the amount of text in your image as a guide is no longer available with the old links. It is now directed to General Creative Facebook Guidelines & Documentations.

2. No Warnings.
We did quite a few testings from our side by uploading the ad creatives full of text, there was no error or warning from the Facebook side which we will see normally if used creatives that are exceeding the text limit. 

What are the Impacts? 1. You can now put in more text inside your ads and even use creatives that are purely text. The text-rule restriction can no longer affect your creative choices and your marketing strategy.

2. New creative strategy that can be implemented and leads to a different Facebook Ad era. When used correctly, it can bring a whole new ad experience for the audiences as well to generate a different result.

What should you do?
First of all, as an experienced digital advertiser, we would say, TEST! Do more testing and see which ad format suits the best and brings out the most result at the most efficient spending.

Test with different formats of ad creatives whether it is full of text or without text. Try them out and find out your target audience preference on which type of ads. 

Be CREATIVE, now there is no longer a limit on the text design on your ad creative. Perhaps, you can try out a different approach compared to your past and see what’s gonna happen next.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Would you prefer to see more text ad placements on Facebook & Instagram or would you not?

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