Understanding Facebook Advertising Objectives & Campaign Optimization Techniques

Social media marketing is no longer about engagement, it is about ROI. And as the crown jewel of social media marketing, effective Facebook advertising skills are essential for businesses to excel in Facebook marketing.

The question is no longer about whether you should spend on Facebook advertising; but how to spend effectively to optimize your ROI.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Are you using more than “Boost Post” for your Facebook ad campaigns?
  • Do you know how many Facebook ad types there are and how they work?
  • Do you know the key characteristics of a good Facebook ad?
  • Are you constantly optimizing your Facebook ads to bring cost down?
  • Do you know how much is the average cost per click/like/engagement?
  • Do you know how to measure your Facebook advertising ROI?
  • Are you using multiple advertising objectives to guide your customer journey?

If your answers are mostly YES, Congratulations! This training is NOT for you.
But if your answers are mostly NO, please read on.

Mastering Facebook Advertising In A Day

We’ll help you to master all the necessary knowledge and skills in Facebook advertising. Here are the topics covered in this 1-day training session:

  • Understanding 15 Facebook advertising objectives and the features
  • Identifying your target audience and audience segmentation
  • Facebook ad targeting do’s and don’ts
  • Facebook ad design do’s and don’ts
  • Facebook ad copywriting do’s and don’ts
  • Building a cross-objective Facebook advertising strategy

All the topics covered are derived from our 6 years of experience helping brands like Elianto, Purple Cane, Disted College, SEC and more to run effective Facebook advertising, with millions in accumulated Facebook Ad spend managed.

Who Should Attend This Training?

This is a beginner/intermediate level training session on Facebook advertising. If you belong to one of the groups below, you should attend.

  • You’ve spent some money on Facebook ads, looking to get serious ROI from it.
  • You’re looking to move your ads budget from other platforms to Facebook.
  • You’re starting an online business, or planning to move your business online.
  • You just want to know how to grow your business online using Facebook ads.
  • You’re looking to grow your digital marketing skills to jumpstart your career

If you’re just about to start your Facebook page, this training is NOT for you. We will not discuss Facebook Page creation, features, settings, posting strategy etc. in this training. This training is ALL about Facebook advertising.

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