Hiring Digital Marketing Agency For Facebook Ads Vs Doing Internally

Facebook Marketing has been growing and becoming one of the most vital parts of the business digital marketing funnel nowadays.

Why is Facebook so powerful?

1. Social Platform with the Largest Active User Base

In the recent report by Hootsuite in January 2019, Facebook is the largest social platform with the most active users, user accounts & unique visitors. Followed by Youtube in the second place, WhatsApp and FB Messenger.

Highest Active Users Count: Facebook

What does this mean?

This shows the capability of Facebook as the largest social platform on reaching users from different demographics, cultural, online behaviours & social background. Undeniably, the current most powerful social platform for advertising will be Facebook.

2. Targeting & Budget Flexibility

Facebook is also the only social platform that allows detailed targeting of audience from demographic to specific interest and even to the extent of customer list targeting. Besides, Facebook is also one of the most flexible social advertising platforms that allow very minimal advertising budget to run the ads and allows every Facebook users to be able to create their own ads easily as long they have a Facebook Page & an advertising account.

3. Data & Statistics

Here are some additional data insights & statistics from Hootsuite if you are still not convinced about Facebook Marketing.

Total Advertising Audience on Social Platforms
Mobile  App Rankings: Active Users

Now that you know the importance of Facebook Marketing.

Here comes the question.

Should you hire a Digital Marketing Agency or do it with your company’s internal team?

Factors to Consider Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency or Internal Team

1. Cost

Cost is certainly a factor that businesses need to consider when it comes to hiring a digital marketing agency vs. hiring internally. Building an internal digital marketing team can definitely benefit in the long term but it can be time-consuming & costly due to the hiring & employment process. Running with an agency will have a lower upfront cost and agency usually have enough strategies and knowledge to implement the marketing campaigns that are aligned with your objective.

2. Expertise

An agency who specialized in social media & digital marketing will be certainly the more experienced ones due to the past case studies they have worked on. Agency is often specialized in these digital campaigns compared to a newly established internal team.

Spending the same amount of money on a newly established team instead of experienced digital marketing agency might help to save less in terms of upfront payment. However, the chances are the money you spent could be wasted ineffectively. Unless you have a professional in-house team that is experienced in digital marketing, we will suggest to take it to the agency to speed up your company growth. Then only start to build your internal team to slowly shift the marketing efforts internally.

3. Team Efficiency

Facebook advertising is a platform where all users can be an advertiser easily. It’s important to have very specific skill sets such as copywriting, design, social media management, analytics, data tracking and performance optimization. However, it’s hard to find all these skill sets from one person. Going in-house would mean that your HR will need to find all these individual talents and slowly fit them into a team. A well-established agency will have a team of experts and professionals specializing in these skill sets with years of teamwork and collaboration together for multiple successful digital campaigns.

4. Time-efficient

Agencies are more likely to be the experts of social media and familiar with the functions on how to accomplish specific marketing goals with the right tools and creatives. Inevitably employees should have more knowledge about the company. However, when compared to executing marketing campaigns, it is more efficient to hire an external agency when considering external factors such as employee training and turnover rate which caused a headache for the company management.

A social media agency is more towards results-oriented and can incorporate the required resources and tools for performance tracking.

In conclusion, there is no 100% right answer for everyone. Different businesses have different needs and these are the few factors that they should consider when it comes to hiring a digital marketing agency or doing it internally such as costing, expertise, resources and the efficiency of the works. For growing businesses and startups, we highly suggest getting a professional digital marketing agency to kickstart your marketing campaigns so that you can focus on developing the company. As for the established businesses, we suggest collaboration with the digital marketing agency from time to time on specific campaigns so that you can get different data insights to continuously grow further in future.

No matter which way is more suitable for you, it’s certainly inevitable that business owners and the management should have the basic knowledge on digital marketing so that you are not blindfolded when the agency or internal team explain and report the digital marketing campaign.

How about you, which would you choose for your business?

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Gray Badges Will Be Removed October 30

By now if you own a business page you should receive a notification saying:

Gray Badges Will Be Removed October 30

Why this is important?

As a matter of facts, SMEs have been using this badge to prove their business’s authenticity. By removing this feature, SMEs will have to allocate more efforts to prove their business’s legitimacy & to monitor other pages from claiming to be associated with their company.

What should you do?

Basically you can’t do anything at this point of time. However, Facebook did mention that:

“We’re working on better ways to show that Pages are authentic.”

Which basically means, there is a possibility of another alternative way to prove your page authenticity. But till then, let’s keep calm and get more update by liking our Facebook Cloud Media Page at this link and Instagram Account at this link

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If you have some knowledge in digital marketing, you must quite familiar with these two terms, SEO and SEM. Do you fully understand what the terms stand for and how they work?

Today we will discuss about SEO & SEM.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Frankly, Search Engine Optimization is to improve the ORGANIC search results ranking when people search for specific keywords, terms or even brand name on Google.

For example: 

The search results highlighted in red box without AD in front is the organic search results that appear when people search shop online on Google. While the rest of the search results with AD icon in front are all paid search advertising which is SEM which we will go through later.

Thus, the process of optimizing search result ranking of specific keywords & terms is known as search engine optimization.

Why you need it? Because it is ORGANIC. When it’s organic, it means it’s free and you don’t have to pay for it and it will help to direct free traffic to your website which could be a great asset for your digital marketing strategy.

Common Misconception of SEO

1. Instant Visible Results

SEO takes time and effort, you need to improve from different aspects of your website ranging from content, website structure, backlinks, meta titles & descriptions, site load speed and much more which we might discuss in-depth in our future articles. 

2. Limited Amount of Organic Traffic

Imagine there is 60,000 search being done in every second in Google. 1 minute would be 3.8 million searches. Now just take maybe 0.5% of the figure, how much traffic would it generate to your website? With the right keywords ranking in SEO, it can bring significant impact to your website in the long term.

3. SEO is One-Time Done Process

Now that your keywords might have very good ranking on search results, but do remember that Google algorithm is constantly changing and there are always other competitors that try to rank better and compete with your keywords. If there is no effort being done for new content and improve the on-page & off-page SEO. Eventually, your competitors might outrank you in future.
Always stay updated with Google Updates on their algorithm: Google Webmaster Central Blog

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

What is SEM? It is Search Engine Marketing which involves Paid Advertising for specific keywords or search terms when it is done on a search engine. With so many competitors out there all fighting for the same audience segments, it’s really important to advertise online, and search engine marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business further to showcase your products in a different marketing channel.

Common Misconception of SEM

1. It’s Expensive & Ineffective

This is one of the most common perceptions of most advertisers have towards SEM. The search terms are too expensive and not effective enough to convert into sales. However, little did they know that the price of the Keywords highly dependent on the competition of the keywords among the market. 

SEM is basically auction-based bidding where there is big factory of the price of the keyword depends on the competition level and the price willing to be paid by advertisers. If the keywords are not ineffective why would so many advertisers continue to bid for it? Is it expensive and ineffective because different factors such as the SEM strategy being applied wrongly? This could be one thing that advertisers need to consider before coming into this misconception.

2. No One Search my Business Online

In this digital age, where all kinds of information is available online with just one-click with our phones. There is truly no zero exposure on the internet. As niche your market is in the online presence, there is still a portion of the audience that is constantly growing in volume every year.

Besides, it’s always possible to use a different SEM strategy to improve your online presence to brings you result.

3. I’m already ranked #1 in Organic Search Results
Firstly, congratulations for ranking 1st in the search results. However, do remember that it is possible for your competitors to buy specific search terms and seeing how Google works, Ads are still placed on top of organic results before anything else. So, still think that you don’t need SEM? Think it all over again. 

Same example:

As you all can see, there are at least 4-5 businesses competing for one keyword: “shop online” as they all deemed this search terms relevant to their business.

Imagine seeing this result which ads have the highest likelihood for you to click if you are into a neutral position. 

In a normal situation, it would be the search ad at the first position.Results released from AOL Search Data in 2006 also supported that the ad that placed first position have the highest CTR among all other positions.

So now that you know that search ad positioning is important to optimize your search engine marketing. What are the other factors that you need to take note?

Just doing SEO or SEM itself is not enough, it is also important to optimize your search advertising with the right strategy and ensure their effectiveness to maximize your ROI of your search marketing while also fully utilizing SEO strategy to also capture organic results from specific keywords term that you would need to capture for long term.

In conclusion, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is more towards a short-term marketing strategy to directly increase your exposure to your target audience while Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more towards a long term marketing strategy that constantly generates traffic to your business in organic search settings. Both works in their own way and when it is combined, the marketing impact would be much bigger for the best interest of the business.

Still hesitating? Better start now or your competitors will.

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What is Setel?


Almost every person who drives and travels in Malaysia will encounter the following scenarios.

Scenario 1

It’s another sunny day in Malaysia, hot and humid as usual. You have been waiting for 5mins for your turn at the petrol station and it’s finally your turn. After that, you have to leave your car and go to the counter to pay for your petrol transactions. You queue for another 5mins just to find out that you forgot the number of the petrol pump station. You can only point where your car is located and luckily the cashier know which number is it and saves you the hassle. After that, only you walk back to your car, filling up your car with petrol and then leave. This whole process took you a total of 15mins just to refuel your car.

Scenario 2

It’s another sunny day in Malaysia, hot and humid as usual. You have been waiting for 5mins for your turn at the petrol station and it’s finally your turn. You leave your car and pull out your debit/credit card to authorize the pump to start the refuelling process. The total process took around 10mins to finish which made it a lot faster compared to scenario 1. However, a pre-authorization charge is imposed on your debit/credit card leading to a few hundred ringgits being held from your account for 3-7 days. This can cause some inconveniences, especially when you are in need of some money to do some purchases. 

Scenario 3

Yup, another sunny day in Malaysia. You reached Petronas Station and waited for 5mins for your turn to use the petrol pump. Once it’s your turn, you take out your phone open the Setel app. Select location, pump number and choose the amount that you wish to refuel your car. After that, you just go down your car and finish the refueling process for your car. In less than 10 minutes, you are done with the refuel and leave for your next destination without much hassle. No pre-authorization charge and no long queue needed. Easy and straightforward with additional benefits such as collecting rewards points and cashback rewards.

Which would you prefer??

  1. The one that took a long queue on a hot and sunny day to pay for the refuel?
  2. The one that got imposed by a pre-authorization charge with few hundred ringgit in their account balance and is not available to use for 3-7 days?
  3. The one with no long queues, no pre-authorization charge and able to collect rewards points and cashback reward without much hassle.

In a normal situation, we would choose scenario 3 and all these can be done via Setel app when you refuel at Petronas. Setel is a mobile payment solution from Petronas which allowed petrol payment with your smartphone as long as you installed the app. It is now available on Google Play Store & iOS App Store.

Why Setel?

  1. Convenient
  2. No Pre-Authorization Charge
  3. Easy to keep track of petrol spending
  4. Rewards points & Cashback


Of course, there are few setbacks for Setel at the moment…

  1. Limited to Klang Valley only
  2. Only Petronas Station (Sorry Shell, Petron & Other Users Stay Warm ya..)

What does the public say on this?

Current Users Reviews on Playstore

In conclusion, we are seeing more positive reviews than negative reviews at the moment. Setel is also constantly expanding to more Petronas Stations all over the state gradually and is aiming to be nationwide available by the end of 2019. If you are already a Petronas user, why not? Save some money and enjoy a more convenient refuel process. If you are not a Petronas user, maybe it’s time to consider…..😉

Now Setel is having an ongoing referral program with rewards as well. Learn More on how it works.

Have you tried using Setel yet? How was it? Share your experience with us in the comment section below!

Malaysia eWallet War!

By now you should at least install one or two eWallet apps on your mobile phone. If you are unsure you can read eWallet a quick introduction below.

What is E-Wallet?

eWallet, also known as a digital wallet, is a secure application or platform that contains one or more currency purses whereas shoppers are required to fund the eWallet via several different ways. After the eWallet is funded, the funds in the eWallets can be used by shoppers to buy goods or services online via a simple scan to complete the payment. 

Here are the few main features of eWallet that we should always take into consideration when using eWallet.

1. Convenience (Market Availability)
2. Security
3. Benefits

With so many choices and different variety of eWallet nowadays. Who are the top ranking eWallet app with the most users acquisition and high growth potential? We did some research and compile a list of eWallet that you should definitely have in your phone, especially when you’re in Malaysia.

Touch n Go
Payment method: QR code
Almost every Malaysian will at least have a Touch N Go Card for public transport, parking and paying highway tolls. Now Touch N Go has further expand their services to users for better conveniences in life enabling e-transactions such as toll payment via e-wallet with RFID, bill payments, movie tickets, booking flights, cafe & restaurants which is getting more diversified.

Unique Strengths: Existing Touch N Go user-base, Exclusive Toll e-Wallet Payment (RFID)

Abilities: Bills Payment, Movies Tickets & Flight Tickets Payment Option. Rebates & exclusive promotions.

Payment method: QR code, In-app payments

Merchants availability typically in smaller merchants from cafe & restaurants to convenience store like 99speedmart.  Features include buying movie tickets, bills payment and even parking payment in the KL area. The continuous expansion of the Boost eWallet availability in the market has made it convenient and high accessibility to do cashless payment under one app. However, there is a limit on the eWallet balance and still, require user to do QR code scan to complete the payment at the counter.  

Strengths: High accessibility to small merchants and even night markets. 50,000 Touch Points

Abilities: Bills Payment. Fund transfer. Cafe & Restaurant Payment (Limited). Rebates & Exclusive Promotions

Grab Pay
Payment method: QR code, In-app payments

Being part of the Grab Platform which encompasses users from GrabCar & GrabFood. This allows GrabPay have the has the benefit whereas users can use it to call a Grab ride or food delivery with Grab Food. Their growing users base made it this part of their strength when capturing the eWallet market share。

Strengths: Cross-platforms users base from GrabCar & GrabFood which both are having high growth rate in user acquisition. 

Abilities: Movies, Bus & Flight Tickets Payment. Fund transfer. Cafe & Restaurant Payment (Limited). Rebates & exclusive promotions

Wechat Pay
Payment method: QR Code

Being one of the most popular instant messaging services available in the world. Wechat Pay is also one of the built in eWallet that most people with smartphones will have. Due to the built-in feature, users do not have the hassle to install another app just for eWallet features and payment. Being part of the built-in feature in WeChat, it allows the users to do fund transfer to friend easily with just a few clicks. Besides, the app also allow QR payment and do purchases like movies tickets and long distance transportation for bus and even flight tickets. There are still not many merchants available for WeChat due to recent launch in Malaysia. However, due to its nature as one of the most widely used messaging app in the market and it’s all in one feature, it is undeniably one of the eWallet app with high growth potential. 

Strengths: Huge existing users-base from messaging service. (20Millions Users)
Abilities: Movies, Bus & Flight Tickets Payment. Fund transfer. Cafe & Restaurant Payment (Limited) 

These are the top 4 eWallet in the industry that we came into conclusion. Of course there are a lot more eWallet available in the market such as Vcash, Samsung Pay, FavePay, Lazada eWallet, RazerPay, Setel, Presto and many more. 
Do we need all of them to fulfill our needs? It depends, really. If your need is to enjoy the best deals and promotions available across different eWallet platform and maximize the benefits that you can reap from it, then you will install all these eWallet platforms.  However, if you only need to have a more convenient and cashless lifestyle. The top 4 eWallet we mentioned above are more than enough to achieve so. 

In conclusion, eWallet platforms are still growing and is having a cruel yet long ongoing war against each other. With all kinds of marketing strategies coming out with exclusive features, rebates and promotions to capture the market share. It then comes back to the question whereas when will Malaysian fully adapt the cashless buying behavior fully. Will it be 2 years or in another 5 years? Will there be a winner that eventually dominate most of the eWallet market share and able to cover most of our daily spending with just 1 app with a few clicks? We believed that this would be the ultimate goal of every eWallet app to eventually benefit our life easier and with more convenience. 

Withholding Tax For Facebook & Google Ads

If you are online digital marketer, online business owner etc, you might hear about withholding tax.

What is WHT?
Withholding tax has been a term we, advertisers have been listening over and over for the past few years. What exactly is Withholding Tax and why are we required to pay it?

Withholding tax officially started in January 2017 by the LHDN Malaysia. If you are paying any non-local invoices or vendors, an x% of the invoiced amount need to be withheld and paid to LHDN Malaysia while the remaining balance is then paid to your foreign vendor.

How does it affect us?
As long you are using the digital platforms to advertise on behalf of the business. You will be required to withhold tax on the payments for the services rendered under the agreement for the use of any movable property and paid to the non-resident payee.

How does it affect us?
As long you are using the digital platforms to advertise on behalf of the business. You will be required to withhold tax on the payments for the services rendered under the agreement for the use of any movable property and paid to the non-resident payee.

Is it possible to avoid WHT?
It can’t be avoided. It is the latest finance policy implemented by the officials in Malaysia. All businesses in Malaysia that advertise on digital channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn etc will all have to bear the WHT on the advertising expenditure.

In conclusion, withholding tax is inevitable finance policy that had been implemented in Malaysia since 2017. We suggest to not take the risk and pay the tax accordingly to the IRB Malaysia. In hopes of a better future, we do hope the government will find a way to charge the WHT on the advertising platform like Facebook or Google instead of increasing the burden of our local businesses.”